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Swimming Pool Equipment

       Swimming pool equipment is an important consideration when planning a new pool.  Basic equipment for a new pool consists of the filtration pump and filter.  Beyond those essentials, other equipment for your pool might include automatic pool cleaners, swimming pool heater, water purification system, pool light, remote control system for pools and maintenance tools.

Swimming pool pump    
Cartridge Pool Filter     DE Pool Filter   
Sand Pool Filter
Natural Gas Pool Heater   
Propane Pool Heater  
Solar Pool Heater
Remote Control Systems       
In House Remote Systems    
Wireless Pool Remotes
Automatic Pool Cleaners    
Automatic Pool Vacuums  
In Floor Pool Cleaning Systems
Water Purification Systems  
Swimming Pool Ionizers    Salt Water Pool Purifiers
Salt Water Pools with Salt Water Purification Systems  
Standard Pool Lights   
Automatic Color Changing Pool Lights  
Fountain Lights 
Perimeter Lighting for pools

Custom Southern California swimming pools, spas, rock waterfalls and more all custom designed and built by professional  swimming pool contractors local for Orange County, Riverside County & San Bernardino County,California.
More information, including in ground pool photo galleries and information on planning and design for custom in ground pools and spas for Southern California, visit:

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